Endoscopic Vision Alliance

Ongoing Clinical Education in Ophthalmic Endoscopic Surgery

The Endoscopic Vision Alliance's Clinical Advisory Board, and Guest Faculty is comprised of many of the world's most innovative and experienced ophthalmic endoscopic surgeons. 

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Endoscopic Vision Alliance


Invited Advisory Board and Guest Faculty



Cesare Forlini, MD Ravenna, Italy                    

Boris Malyugin, MD, PhD Moscow, Russia      

Claude Boscher, MD                            Paris, France 

Isabelle Riss, MD, PhD                   Bordeaux, France

Philip Bloom, MD                      London, England      

Borja Corcostequi, MD, PhD                Barcelona, Spain

Anselm Jünemann, MD, PhD               Erlangen, Germany

Marcus Kohlhaas, MD. PhD             Dortmund, Germany

Peter Stalmans, MD, PhD   Leuven, Belgium

Ike Ahmed, MD Toronto, Canada

Francisco Lima, MD. PhD                Goianio, Brazil          

Carlos Akira Omi, MD PhD                  Sao Paulo, Brazil

Carlos Salvatierra, MD                    Valencia, Venezuela

Khalid Al Sabti, MD, PhD                  Kuwait, UAE 

Sami Alodhayb, MD Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Jon Chang, MD                               Taipei, Taiwan          

Xun Yang, MD, PhD                           Chengdu, China  

Xin Tang, MD, PhD Beijing, China      

Colin Clement, MD                           Sydney, Australia       

Hiromi Matsui, MD, PhD                      Yokohama, Japan      

Robert Rivera, MD                              Salt Lake City, UT, USA    

Victor Gonzalez, MD                           Houston, TX, USA

S. Chien Wong, MD, PhD Los Angeles, CA, USA

            Program Moderators         

Martin Uram, MD, MPH Little Silver, NJ, USA

Robert Noecker, MD, PhD Long Island, NY, USA

Tom Lee, MD, PhD                       Los Angeles, CA, USA