International Congresses

The Endoscopic Vision Alliance encourages it's members to publish and share their outcomes with colleagues in our internal forums, and at international congresses and educational symposia. 

Below is a calendar of upcoming international congresses.   Please email us with any events that we have overlooked, that you feel should be included.

We also include periodic notices of submission deadlines for selected key congresses, along with links to specific submissions instructions.

2-6 April 2014 WOC 2014 : World Congress of Ophthalmology
PlaceTokyo, Japan
26-30 April 2014 ASCRS 2014
PlaceBoston, USA
4-8 May 2014 ARVO 2014
PlaceOrlando, USA
13-17 September 2014 ESCRS 2014
PlaceLondon, UK
1-4 October 2014 EVER 2014
PlaceNice, France
9-10 October 2014 Congres Middelheim en De Markgrave
More infoOrganisatie: Dr. Ann Buyck
18-21 October 2014 AAO 2014
PlaceChicago, IL, USA
26-28 November 2014 OB 2014
PlaceBrussels EXPO
1-4 December 2014 ISA 2014, International Strabismological Association
PlaceKyoto, Japan
15-17 April 2015 World Cornea Congress 2015
PlaceSan Diego, USA
3-7 May 2015 ARVO 2015
PlaceDenver, USA
7-10 October 2015 EVER 2015
PlaceNice, France
25-27 November 2015 OB 2015
PlaceBrussels EXPO
1-5 May 2016 ARVO 2016
PlaceSeattle, USA
26-28 November 2016 OB 2016
PlaceBrussels EXPO

27-29 March 2014 NOG 2014
27-29 March 2014 NOG 2014

Major International & National Ophthalmological Society Congresses

Greek VR Congress Athens Hilton 1/18/13
Saudi Ophthalmology Society Riyadh 3/3/13
Israeli Soc. Vision & Eye Research Tel Aviv 3/14/13
South African National Congress 3/14/13
ASCRS San Francisco 4/19/13
Spanish National Congress/PACO 4/25/13
SFO Paris 5/11/13
ESVO (Veterinary) Barcelona 5/15/13
Royal College of Ophthalmology Liverpool 5/21/13
Pan Hellenic Congress Messinia 5/23/13
Leuven Retina Meeting Leuven, Belgium 5/23/13
S.O.E. Copenhagen 6/8/13
Canadian Ophth. Society Montreal 6/14/13
Mexican National Congress Mexico City 6/20/13
APACRS Singapore 7/11/13
World Glaucoma Congress Vancouver 7/17/13
Brazilian Society & PACO Rio 8/7/13
Chinese Ophthalmological Society Hangzhou 8/20/13
EVERS Rhodes 9/7/13
Euro. Assoc. Vison & Eye Research Nice 9/18/13
ESCRS Amsterdam 10/5/13
European Pediatric Ophth. Leiden, NL 10/11/13
ISCEV Clin. Electrophys. Course Chongjing, China 10/12/13
ISCEV Symposium Chongjing, China 10/13/13
Asia ARVO New Delhi 10/28/13
AAO Chicago 11/16/13
European Glaucoma Society Nice 7/11/14
Nordic Congress of Ophthal. Stockholm 8/20/14

Exclusive Access...


Members have exclusive access to the Endoscopic Vision Alliance's online ongoing clinical education and training resources, featuring a broad range of downloadable clinical education and clinical training tools including Powerpoint Presentations, videos and Podcasts, along with an expanding library of surgical videos, photos and publications on ophthalmic endoscopy.  

We will also update members on news, recent studies and publications, and calls for abstracts, posters and video submissions for upcoming international congresses.


The Endoscopic Vision Alliance plans to host programs, including both introductory and advanced courses, at selected major ophthalmology meetings, as well as periodic interactive webinars and online meetings, in the coming months and years.


The Endoscopic Vision Alliance is also developing online resources to allow your OR staff to update and educate themselves on the latest recommendations for setting up our endoscopy systems, assisting during surgery, and post operative handling of endoscopes, as well as suggestions for maximizing endoscope's image quality, and extending their useful life.