Endoscopic Vision Alliance



A well trained staff is critical to optimizing the endoscopic surgerical experience, and towards that end the Endoscopic Vision Alliance will make a suite of staff training resources available to it's members, including instructional videos, and periodic webinars describing the latest recommended pre, intra and post operative set up, use, care and handling protocols.

Proper care and handling of endoscopes can optimize image quality and prolong their useful life.   We also provide troubleshooting tips and protocols to assess compromised endoscopes and, where possible, address these issues.

Staff Training Video

The following video is an excellent overview on setting up an endoscopic system in the Operating Room, operating the system during surgery, and the care and handling of microendoscopes.

We invite you to check this section periodically for updates, tips, and new resources.

Exclusive Access...


Members have exclusive access to the Endoscopic Vision Alliance's online ongoing clinical education and training resources, featuring a broad range of downloadable clinical education and clinical training tools including Powerpoint Presentations, videos and Podcasts, along with an expanding library of surgical videos, photos and publications on ophthalmic endoscopy.  

We will also update members on news, recent studies and publications, and calls for abstracts, posters and video submissions for upcoming international congresses.


The Endoscopic Vision Alliance plans to host programs, including both introductory and advanced courses, at selected major ophthalmology meetings, as well as periodic interactive webinars and online meetings, in the coming months and years.


The Endoscopic Vision Alliance is also developing online resources to allow your OR staff to update and educate themselves on the latest recommendations for setting up our endoscopy systems, assisting during surgery, and post operative handling of endoscopes, as well as suggestions for maximizing endoscope's image quality, and extending their useful life.